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The BackGammon Store

Value Backgammon Sets

Shop from vast selection of affordable backgammon sets in a variety of sizes and colors with prices starting at only $29.95.

Wood Backgammon Sets

Beautiful wood backgammon sets in a variety of different woods including walnut, mahogany, oak, olive wood, and padauk.

The Monaco Collection

Beautiful faux croc backgammon sets with colorful cork-lined playing surfaces from The Backgammon Store!

TBS Cork-Lined Tournament Backgammon Sets

Large tournament size backgammon sets with colorful cork playing surfaces from The Backgammon Store!

Manopoulos Backgammon Sets

From Greece, Manopoulos produces a beautiful line of wood backgammon sets in a variety of wood and colors.

Dal Negro Backgammon Sets

From the workshops in Italy come some of the finest backgammon sets in the world with old world quality and craftsmanship.

Sy Game Backgammon Sets

From Turkey, Sy Games produces a stunning line of backgammon sets with unique features and unmatched quality!

Backgammon Boards

These are backgammon boards that do not fold and are ideal for keeping on the game table ready for game anytime!

Travel Backgammon Sets

Travel size backgammon sets that are affordable and perfect for trips no matter where.

Backgammon Accessories

Shop from a variety of backgammon accessories including chips, dice, dice cups, and doubling cubes.

Backgammon Sets and Accessories

Here at The Backgammon Store our sole business is to meet your needs whether you are shopping for a gift or you are a serious backgammon player looking for that perfect backgammon set. There seems to be no end to the many brands, designs, colors, and materials used to make backgammon sets. From vinyl to fine leather, plastic to exotic wood, there are dozens of manufacturers producing hundreds or even thousands of different models. It's our job to sort through the endless number of possibilities and identify the best group of products that you want.

We've been in business selling backgammon sets for over 13 years and we’ve learned it's a continual proc